From Healing to Happiness...

Simple Visual Imagery to Reduce Everyday Stress

What we dowhy we do it

Hello and welcome to Pentaverum

We are human and our lives are not perfect. We cannot escape the stress from our everyday lives of family, work, money concerns and much more. We look for ways to relax and escape but these can become very costly and often unaffordable.

We need a simple way to help us create moments in our lives to bring back positive thoughts, relaxation and a smile.

Welcome to Pentaverum – from healing to happiness. Inspiring imagery that capture the senses and takes us to another place to regain our energy and purpose in life.

Research suggests viewing images such as landscapes help promote relaxation and recovery during times of stress

Our Vision

Create an environment allowing anyone and everyone to reduce daily stress through inspiring images of nature, travel and culture.

What we can do for you

Mental Peace

Step back to find the peace within yourself throughout the chaos you may experience.


Be inspired to try new things and challenge yourself to take on each day as if it was your last.

Positive Change

Start each day with the right attitude and understand that sometimes we will face negatives but that should not stop us.

Stress Reduction

When you reduce your stress you increase your ability to make better decisions and think properly.

Lifestyle Mindset

Create the right habits to enhance your life / work balance and have a lifestyle mindset instead of a workstyle mindset.

Mental Health

With a strong mind comes the ability to overcome challenges and navigate through stressful situations.

We can create a program just for you…

While we offer a free bi-weekly (every two weeks) image. We can offer customizable weekly or daily images to arrive via email with positive messaging to arrive when you want.  Maybe it’s at the start of your day or after your weekly Monday meeting. We all know we sometimes need that boost of inspiration to survive these hectic days.

Get Your Visual-Spiration Today

Sign up to get your bi-weekly (every two weeks) visual inspiration.  We hope our images will stir your emotions as we take you to new cultures, far away places and serene landscapes to enhance your senses and help you reduce stress.